Food and Nutrition - E-Learning

E-Learning General Login Instructions

The Food and Nutrition Division has developed two free online nutrition education resources through the State of Nevada Online Professional Development Center. 


    General Nutrition Education Course

    This course is intended to help the public gain more information on nutrition topics for all age groups. In today’s busy world, combing through all of the available nutrition information isn’t always easy. This resource includes the most up-to-date nutrition information from the USDA. Some small changes in you and your family’s eating and physical activity habits can make a huge difference and add up to real results.

    or specific or individualized nutrition information, Registered Dietitians and your physician are your best resources. General nutrition guidelines are intended only as starting points for healthy people and should be used solely as a reference, especially for people with medical conditions or while taking prescription medications.

      Wellness Training Web Course

      This course is intended to provide information on the current guidelines for nutrition and physical activity education in schools.

      There are seven wellness modules that outline the basic nutrition and physical activity guidelines to promote healthy behaviors for students.

      This course was developed for teachers, parents, food service workers, nurses, registered dietitians, and the general public to provide basic nutrition and physical activity information on best practices for improving dietary and physical activity behaviors for students. Free continuing education credits are available for this course for Registered Dietitians and Nevada Teachers.

        Instructions for the State of Nevada Online Professional Development Center

        1. Please follow the directions below to access the State of Nevada Online Professional Development Center:

        • If you already have a NEATS or NVAPPS account AND remember your user name and password skip this step.

        Hint: when you are logged into NEATS or NVAPPS you can find your username in the top right corner of the screen labeled "current user".

        Your E-learning password is the same as your NEATS or NVAPPS login password.  

        2. Once you have a NVAPPS account, click on the following link to go to the State of Nevada Online Professional Development center,  

        • You will need to enter your username and password in the Top Left Corner and hit the Login button.  

        3. Once you are logged in, click on the Course Catalog link on the left side of the screen.

        4. Once in the Course Catalog, click on the "Courses for Other Nevada Public Service Entities and the Public" link.

        5. Click on the "Education" link.

        6. Scroll down to find the "General Nutrition Education Course" OR “Wellness Training Web Course” and click on the link.

        7. You will be taken to the course enrollment page.

        8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Enroll Me" box.

        9. You will then be taken into the Course homepage where you should see the course outline.

        • Please note: to navigate between presentations, use the browser back arrow or click on the course link in the page header.

        10. Lastly, please help us improve future online courses by filling out our Online Training Evaluation (optional).